2015 Conference

Conference Announcement

Time in Quantum Gravity

13-14 March 2015 – University of California, San Diego

Keynote Speakers:
Craig Callender (UCSD)
Alyssa Ney (Rochester)
Daniele Oriti (MPI for Gravitational Physics, Golm)
Amanda Peet (University of Toronto)
David Rideout (UCSD)

Building on the Seminar on the Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Gravity, which took place in Chicago in September 2013, this meeting will bring together people with research agendas in quantum gravity, to present their work and develop some common understanding of philosophical topics, questions, approaches, and solutions – with a focus on the role of time in quantum gravity. Both established scholars and new and recent PhDs are encouraged to attend, to share their work or learn.

Funding up to $200 is available for a small number of qualified PhD students wishing to attend. Applicants should send requests to beyondspacetimeseminar@gmail.com accompanied by a CV, one paragraph statement explaining the relevance of the meeting to their research, and a short letter of endorsement from an academic supervisor. Deadline February 13th; decisions by February 16th.

Contributed presentations: Newshaw Bahreyni (Kenyon), John Dougherty (UCSD), Kevin Knuth (Albany), Keizo Matsubara (Western), Ioan Muntean (Notre Dame and UNC Ashe-ville), Joshua Norton (UIC), Thomas Pashby (USC), Oliver Pooley (Oxford), Mark Shu-melda (Toronto and Yukon), Chris Smeenk (Western), Tiziana Vistarini (UIC), James Lyons Walsh (Albany), Ken Wharton (SJSU).

Please register to attend (at no cost) by sending an email to beyondspacetimesemi-nar@gmail.com: on site registration will be available.


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