2016 Summer Institute

International Summer Institute in Philosophy of Physics on the


Hosted by the University of Geneva and the University of Illinois at Chicago Space and Time After Quantum Gravity project

Williams Bay, Wisconsin, USA

June 19-24, 2016

• Program including video: https://beyondspacetime.net/summer-institute-program/

• Breakout Discussion Groups: https://beyondspacetime.net/information-about-discussion-groups/

Quantum theories of gravity, as diverse and incomplete as they may be, promise to revolutionize our conception of the fundamental structure of reality. For instance, the world we inhabit may be non-spatiotemporal at the ground level. The philosophical implications of quantum gravity may thus be far-reaching, but what exactly are these implications and how will they affect our philosophical conceptions? Conversely, the formulation of a quantum theory of gravity forces the theorists to address foundational, indeed philosophical questions, for their theory-building. Such questions include the metaphysical implications of quantum gravity, or the nature of phenomenological spacetime in string theory. These are just some of the questions that we will discuss in this Summer Institute, which addresses graduate students and postdocs from philosophy of physics and related fields.



  • Gordon Belot (Michigan)
  • Nick Huggett (Illinois at Chicago)
  • Jenann Ismael (Arizona)
  • Keizo Matsubara (Illinois at Chicago)
  • Djordje Minic (Virginia Tech)
  • Alyssa Ney (UC Davis)
  • Carlo Rovelli (Marseille)
  • Christian Wüthrich (Geneva)

Organizing Committee:

  • Nick Huggett
  • Christian Wüthrich
  • Keizo Matsubara


  • Armengol, Federico
  • Bennett, Marissa
  • Bradonjic, Kaca
  • Chen, Eddy
  • Crowther, Karen
  • Dardashti, Radin
  • Doboszewski, Juliusz
  • Dougherty, John
  • Elder, Jamee
  • Guo, Bixin
  • Holloway, Jesse
  • Jaksland, Rasmus
  • Kadowaki, Kevin
  • Kidd, Brandon
  • Le Bihan, Baptiste
  • Linnemann, Niels
  • Murgueitio, Sebastian
  • Meehan, Alexander
  • Menon, Tushar
  • Miller, Michael
  • Pashby, Thomas
  • Pinosio, Riccardo
  • Read, James
  • Rivat, Sebastien
  • Salimkhani, Kian
  • Schneider, Mike
  • Steeger, Jeremy
  • Taschetto, Diana
  • Teitel, Trevor
  • Williams, Porter

The Summer Institute is generously supported by the John Templeton Foundation and will thus be free of charge for accepted participants, including room and board. Participants are responsible for their travel to and from the site of the Summer Institute, and for incidentals such as beverages.