• Beyond Spacetime 100-level mini-courses are intended to explain philosophical implications of quantum spacetime to a general philosophical audience, from undergraduates to non-specialist faculty. Courses numbered BST-110 and above assume either familiarity with earlier mini-courses, or philosophy and metaphysics of science.
  • Beyond Spacetime 200-level mini-courses are intended to explain basic formal notions and philosophical questions concerning quantum theories of spacetime, to an audience of philosophers and metaphysicians of physics, with a background in the elementary quantum mechanics and spacetime theory.

Available Courses

  • BST 101: Introduction to Space and Time in Quantum Gravity: In this course a short non-technical introduction to research in quantum gravity is presented. A theory of quantum gravity is required to fully understand how gravitation works and how it can be combined with the other forces of nature, which are described in terms of quantum physics. Different approaches to quantum gravity have been suggested, many of which suggest that we reconceptualize the way we think about space and time. In this mini-course some ideas are presented about what modifications to our understanding of space and time that quantum gravity might require. Note that currently no approach to quantum gravity is empirically successful so the conclusions presented are tentative but based on serious approaches working on developing a theory of quantum gravity.
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