First talk of the year

We have a number of speakers lined up (with more to come) – the first will be at Geneva next week, and simulcast to UIC .

Wednesday 21 September 2016 at Geneva – Joshua Norton (American University Beirut): Incubating a future metaphysics: quantum gravity

Abstract: In this talk, I will argue that metaphysicians ought to utilize quantum theories of gravity (QG) as incubators for a future metaphysics. In §1, I will argue why this ought to be done. In §2, I will present case studies from the history of science where physical theories have challenged both the dogmatic and speculative metaphysician. In §3, I will present two theories of QG and demonstrate the challenge they pose to certain aspects of our current metaphysics; in particular, how they challenge our understanding of the abstract-concrete distinction. In this section I demonstrate how five different accounts of the distinction each fail to hold under the received interpretations of loop quantum gravity and string theory. The central goal of this talk is to encourage metaphysicians to look to physical theories, especially those involving cosmology such as string theory and loop quantum gravity, when doing metaphysics.

Speakers this Fall at UIC and Geneva announced

We have put together the program with talks at UIC and Geneva this fall semester. More details, including titles and abstracts for the talks, will follow shortly and will be updated, as always, on the speaker page, where you will also find more information:

Looking forward to seeing many of you there. For those who will have to miss the talks, we will make the videos available as soon as they are ready!

Philosophy of Quantum Spacetime for everyone! BST-POP

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Space and Time After Quantum Gravity project, we have published our first Beyond Spacetime Popular (BST-POP) videos, designed for a popular scientific and philosophical audience. So far there are interviews with Richard Dawid and Carlo Rovelli, and a discussion by Keizo Matsubara on the value of philosophy in physics (especially quantum gravity). More are on the way!

The videos are on our YouTube Channel and here – there are video links above as well.

Coming Soon: short lecture series on the philosophy of quantum spacetime, for philosophers. Watch this spot.

Big News – Summer School Video!

We are really happy to announce that (almost) all the video of lectures from the recent Summer Institute are now available online, click above or go here:

(or to our YouTube site). We have included the schedule, so if you like you can follow the same course of lectures that we did. Or you can choose á la carte.

Lectures from: Wüthrich, Ismael, Rovelli, Belot, Ney, Minic, and Matsubara, and (soon) more. Enjoy, and please tell your friends!