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Junior Fellowship in the philosophy of quantum gravity and cosmology

We are excited to announce a paid predoctoral fellowship at UIC under our Templeton Grant, for Fall 2023. Full details are here: Please apply to spend time with us, or pass along to anyone who may be interested.


Talk: Anna Ijjas

Please join us in person at UIC, remotely at UNIGE, or online via zoom or YouTube on Wednesday, 6 April (11:15 Chicago time) for a talk by Anna Ijjas (NYU).

Entropy, Black Holes, and the Early Universe. “Emerging from a big bang in which gravity is strongly coupled and quantum fluctuations of stress-energy and spacetime are both large, the natural expectation is that the total entropy should be nearly maximal and equally distributed among both stress-energy and gravitational degrees of freedom. However, the observed entropy distribution on the last scattering surface is puzzlingly different, as Penrose has emphasized. In this talk, I will introduce the cosmological entropy problem and discuss our recent proposal to evade it.”

More information on our Speakers page.

Grants for scientists from Ukraine

We would like to draw your attention to the following:

Dear Colleagues, 

As researchers at the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information in Vienna (IQOQI-Vienna), Austria, we would like to draw your attention to the opening of two types of grants for scientists from Ukraine:

JESH-Ukraine Emergency Call of the Austrian Academy of Sciences,

Special fellowship program in the fields of mathematics and physics by the Erwin Schrödinger Institute. (the ESI is across the street from IQOQI)

Please follow the instructions in the links to apply for the fellowships.  IQOQI-Vienna is pleased to serve as a host institution for the applicants and is particularly suitable for young researchers in physics working or wishing to work in various aspects of quantum theory, in particular quantum information, quantum optics, and quantum foundations, as well as topics in general relativity, quantum gravity, and quantum field theory. Our capacity is limited, but we hope to contribute to continuation of the scientific development of the scientists from Ukraine and to mitigate the interruption of their academic activity due to the war. 

IQOQI-Vienna team