Popular Science and Philosophy

Beyond Spacetime Popular videos are intended to explore project topics for a general, popular science, audience.

  • On Philosophy and Physics and the Problem of Quantum Gravity – In this video, Keizo Matsubara, UIC Postdoctoral Researcher discusses the ways in which philosophy contributes to physics, and in particular may be important for progress in quantum gravity.
  • Interview with Richard Dawid – In this interview conducted by Nick Huggett in Chicago on February 24, 2016, Richard Dawid answers questions about his book, “String Theory and the Scientific Method.”
  • Interview with Carlo Rovelli – This interview with Carlo Rovelli, conducted by Christian Wüthrich in Williams Bay, Wisconsin on 20 June 2016, addresses Rovelli’s views about why we need a quantum theory of gravity, how such a theory could look like, what its philosophical and foundational implications may be, and how it might be tested.