Popular Science and Philosophy

Beyond Spacetime Popular videos are intended to explore project topics for a general, popular science, audience.

  • On Philosophy and Physics and the Problem of Quantum Gravity – In this video, Keizo Matsubara, UIC Postdoctoral Researcher discusses the ways in which philosophy contributes to physics, and in particular may be important for progress in quantum gravity.
  • Interview with Richard Dawid – In this interview conducted by Nick Huggett in Chicago on February 24, 2016, Richard Dawid answers questions about his book, “String Theory and the Scientific Method.”
  • Interview with Carlo Rovelli – This interview with Carlo Rovelli, conducted by Christian Wüthrich in Williams Bay, Wisconsin on 20 June 2016, addresses Rovelli’s views about why we need a quantum theory of gravity, how such a theory could look like, what its philosophical and foundational implications may be, and how it might be tested.
  • The Never-Ending Dance of Physics and Philosophy – In this video Nick Huggett and Josh Norton discuss how physics has influenced philosophy through history, and continues to do so today in quantum gravity.
  • Philosophy’s Not Dead –  In this video Juliusz Doboszewski and Radin Dardashti discuss and rebut most common arguments against usefulness of philosophy in fundamental physics, and sketch few ways in which philosophy actually is helpful in solving problems in physics.