Speakers: Baron and Lizzi

We are delighted to announce two talks next Thursday, May 25:

First, at Université de Lausanne  Sam Baron (Australian Catholic University): Causation and quantum gravity. This talk is part of ‘Quo Vadis Time?’, the Geneva-Lausanne Workshop on Time in Physics and Philosophy, taking place 24-25 May 2023 in Lausanne. For more information, please visit the website.

Second, at Oxford University — Fedele Lizzi (Naples): Quantum Observers for Quantum Spacetime. This talk is part of the Thursday Philosophy of Physics Seminar. For more information and link to live stream, https://www.philosophy.ox.ac.uk/event/philosophy-of-physics-seminar-thursday-week-5-tt23.

Due to a communication breakdown, you would have to put yourself into superposition to see both live; but both will be recorded for later watching. Hope to see you at one or the other!


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