CFP: Seminar on the Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Gravity

27-29 September 2013 – University of Illinois at Chicago

Invited Speakers:

Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge)

Elena Castellani (Florence)

Bianca Dittrich (Perimeter Institute)

Jeff Harvey (Chicago)

Nick Huggett (UIC)

Christian Wüthrich (UCSD)

The investigation of quantum gravity has been central to theoretical physics for at least two decades, but philosophy has only engaged with this field in very a fragmentary way. The purpose of this meeting is bring together people with research agendas in quantum gravity, to present their work and develop some common understanding of philosophical topics, questions, approaches, and solutions. Because the field is very new, many of those involved are near or recent PhDs – along with established scholars, they are encouraged to attend, to share their work or learn.

We invite technically informed presentations on any topics of two types:

(1) Paper presentations – suitable for presentation in 30 minutes plus question period. Submit paper drafts or detailed proposals of 1,000-1,500 words. Drafts of accepted papers will be provided for circulation by early September.

(2) Work-in-progress presentations of 30 minutes – submit a 500 word proposal.

ABD graduate students or recent PhDs are invited to apply to both categories, those with more seniority to the former. We will consider published or forthcoming papers for presentation.

Deadline for papers and proposals: 6/1/13 (decisions by 7/15/13) – please prepare them for blind refereeing.

Certain costs of speakers will be met – more information at the conference website.

Direct correspondence and submissions to:

Note: we are experiencing technical difficulties with our website ( – please bear with us. Check this page for updates.

All details about the conference are unchanged.

The organizers,

Nick Huggett and Christian Wüthrich


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