Live blogging: Maria Kon

A question from Mattingly: why should we care about whether conceptual analysis applies to other theories if we have QG, presumably the best theory?

K’s answer: the idea of “best scientific theory” is problematic.  We need an account that can make sense of the way different theories share concepts.

Her Alternative (ACA) to Jackson:

1. Identify theories being examined.  For folk theories, we consult our intuitions, for scientific theories we consult our best interpretation of them, making sure to treat multiple different theories as parts of a conceptual network.

2. Determine what role “time” plays in the whole network.  Do its roles in different theories clash, or exhibit redundancy or irrelevancy?  If so, we must either eliminate the concept or ‘engage in metaphysics.’ (to quote Jackson)

3. Integrate an analysis of *folk time* with our analysis of time in physics.


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