ORITI: cf his arxiv paper 1302.2849; post 2

Section II on ‘Hints about the disappearance of spacetime’. He begins by stressing such matters as spacetime singularties and black hole thermodynamics; and that the quantization of general relativity (or the quantization of some cousin theory that proceeds by quantizing its metric field) seems bound to lead to superpositions of geometrical and-or causal relations; and so to be difficult and-or radical.

There follows a survey of other such hints. This includes mention of (i) non-commutative geometry, (ii) doubly special relativity, (iii) the AdS/CFT duality, and in more detail: (iv) Jacobson’s representation of the Einstein field equations as equations of state, and the Liberati-Visser-et al. representation of sound waves in certain classical fluids by a massless scalar field propagating in a (3+1)-dimensional Lorentzian geometry. Example (iv) pre-figures the later discussion (in Section VIII, building on a condensed matter example in Section V) of schemes for obtaining a description of a classical spacetime and its dynamics, from the state of a BE condensate, or from some similar specific but collective state of a condensed matter system.


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