Oriti cont’d more

Oriti endorses the compatibility of reduction and emergence; citing eg Nagel for the idea of reduction and Butterfield for the compatibility, its involving taking a limit of a parameter; and for the emergence occurring before the limit, since the limit is, typically, unphysical.

Turning to the emergence of spacetime:–

1) he joins Huggett and Wuthrich in rejecting Maudlin’s general objection against the idea of emergent spacetime, based on empirical coherence.

2) He emphasizes that there are two  very different types of approximations/limits that have to be taken, in order to start from the discrete structures of the programmes he has surveyed so as to arrive at classical GR: a continuum  limit and a classical limit. Apart from needing a precise definition of both of them, we must  also be careful about the order in which they are taken. It is entirely possible that a continuum spacetime stems from the quantum properties of its fundamental building blocks, and would not be achieved if only their classical properties were considered.



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