live blog: Wüthrich

Maudlin claims indeterminism is phony.  But CW contests that ignoring indeterm as an artefact of representation doesn’t work if canonical QG is taken seriously.  Should it be taken seriously?, CW asks, pointing out that this question is itself a nontrivial issue

Maudlin suggests that maybe we fix the gauge and in this way remove indeterm.  Problem: this may work for certain cases, but all quantifiable properties will depend on gauge chosen and hence on selected representation, not on genuine physical content.  Thus, we’d need to justify gauge choice as physically motivated

A third option from Maudlin is to ‘quotient out’ indeterm– cut out mathematical surplus structure and get down to the True physical degrees of freedom.  E.g., reduced phase space

Problem: this is exactly what leads to the no-time problem in the first place, that is, fixing the gauge is what got us into this mess of no-change. 




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