Live blogging: Huggett

Huggett offers 2 alternative interpretations of T-duality, in connection with the 3rd question.   Two interpretive decisions need to be made:

  •  First interpretive decision: either the T-duals agree on the physical world, or they do not. If they do . . .
  • Second interpretive decision: do both say that strings literally live in a space of radius R (but represent that fact dierently); or do they represent facts the same way, and so say nothing beyond their shared consequences  (so that the radius is indeterminate between R and 1=R.)

Either way, both interpretations agree that the target space’s radius (i.e., the phenomenal space we live in) is very very big.  Whew!



1 thought on “Live blogging: Huggett

  1. Disagree with that! There are three interpretations here – first the duals could disagree, then there are two ways for them to agree. On the first, target space is phenomenal space; on the second, target space has indeterminate radius and so cannot be phenomenal space, since that does have determinate radius. (So what I think I’m disagreeing with is the claim that target space is always big – what I said is that phenomenal space is big. The point being to drive a wedge between them.)

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