Live Blogging: Bain

Question about why relativity of locality: Baker thinks bad for a theory. Advocates see observations of momentum stuff as more fundamental. Butterfield thinks claims applies to classical stuff as well. Darboux’s theorem seems relevant here. Bain says worth thinking about.

Oriti offers motivations: worries about lorentz invariance from fundamental length might lead to attempt to deform the invariance – and that can be done with momentum space curvature; also in simple qg models, can couple point particles to gravity – end up with curved momentum space. These realize relative locality. Bain adds that reason you think you observe locality properties is because the momentum is very low. So only seem like position measurements.


Huggett returns to asymptotic safety concerns about why should have same fixed points in GR and QCD. Latter is gaussian, but GR’s should not be. Bain’s concerns orthogonal to this question. 


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