Templeton Funded Project: Space and Time After Quantum Gravity

We are thrilled to announce that the John Templeton Foundation is funding a major expansion of the Beyond Spacetime program for the next three years (AY 2015-18). A substantial grant (and support from our institutions) split between the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Geneva will support a range of activities: postdocs (including the one advertised earlier in the year) and predocs at both institutions; speakers and visitors to the two groups; essay prizes and edited volumes; a summer school in 2016; a conference in 2017; and the production of media for the public, generalists and specialists. (And of course research support for us!)

We’d like to thank the Templeton Foundation, their reviewers for very helpful feedback, our departments and institutions, and especially the members of the project’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

Watch this page, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or google+ (search for beyondspacetime), for information about the project and for ways getting involved! Information about our speaker series (which will be available on video), and for funding for short (1-2 week) visits to the research groups should be posted in the next few weeks.

Nick and Chris


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