April 14th: Callender and Chua speak

Please join us for a talk next week.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021 at 9:30am Chicago Time– Craig Callender (UCSD) and Eugene Chua (UCSD): No Time for Time from No-Time

Programs in quantum gravity often claim that time emerges from fundamentally timeless
physics. In the semiclassical time program time arises only after approximations are
taken. Here we ask what justifies taking these approximations and show that time seems
to sneak in when answering this question. This raises the worry that the approach is
either unjustified or circular in deriving time from no–time.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://uic.zoom.us/j/86317237897?pwd=dSt0N0JsRVVpbEx6Y0EyY1RwKzN4UT09

Meeting ID: 863 1723 7897

Passcode: RMvp1pYM


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