Philosophy Beyond Spacetime published!

Our second collection is published today in the UK (a few more weeks for the US)! Investigations of the philosophical implications of quantum gravity – many thanks to all our authors.

Cover for 

Philosophy Beyond Spacetime
1:Introduction, Christian Wüthrich, Baptiste Le Bihan and Nick Huggett
2:Levels of spacetime emergence in quantum gravity, Daniele Oriti
3:On dualities and equivalences between physical theories, Jeremy Butterfield
4:From quantum entanglement to spatiotemporal distance, Alyssa Ney
5:Taking up superspace: The spacetime setting for supersymmetric field theory, Tushar Menon
6:Thinking about spacetime, David Yates
7:Finding space in a non-spatial world, David J. Chalmers
8:Explanations of and in time, Alastair Wilson
9:Do you see space? How to recover the visible and tangible reality of space (without space), Jenann Ismael
10:The measurement problem for emergent spacetime in loop quantum gravity, Richard Healey
11:The `philosopher’s stone’: Physics, metaphysics, and the value of a final theory, Kerry McKenzie
12:Problems with the cosmological constant problem, Adam Koberinski

Available from OUP here. Get them while they’re hot!


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