First Talk by a Prize Winner – Henrique Gomes

One of the winners of our essay prize, Henrique Gomes (Perimeter Institute) will speak on Wednesday May 25th 2016 at UIC. His title is Timeless Quantum Mechanics in Configuration Space

Abstract: “In this talk, I will argue in favor of a  ‘transition amplitude’ approach to quantum gravity. For such a position to be internally consistent, not all types of symmetries are allowed. I will describe which ones are and we will see how refoliations become problematic – I will contend that they should only be recovered dynamically (as an on-shell, or effective, symmetry). Given this ‘transition amplitude’  point of view, I will further elaborate on how the allowed symmetries select a unique ‘in state’  for the amplitude. We can thereby use this ‘in state’ to produce a static wavefunction of the Universe, much like some of the interpretations of the Wheeler-DeWitt. Lastly, I will describe how one can extract our usual notion of time from such a fundamentally timeless view, at least semi-classically, through a structure called ‘semi-classical records’. Time allowing (no pun intended), I will further speculate on some recent progress in a relation between renormalization group flow and a notion of instantaneous duration (this part will be pure speculation).”
Please join us at UIC, or Geneva, or on YouTube.

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