Talks this week!

This Friday June 17th 2016 at UIC at 3pm we have a double header from our two Geneva predoctoral fellows – please join us.


Radin Dardashti (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, and Geneva): Testing Theories, Theory Space and Scientific Practice

Abstract: “Many scientific theories in fundamental physics are lacking empirical support. While in some cases future experiments may allow empirical testing (supersymmetry), this is less obvious in other cases (theories of quantum gravity, cosmic inflation). One possible way of addressing this problem is to analyse whether empirical evidence provides the only means to confirm our theories. In this talk I will present a generalised perspective on theory confirmation, which relies on the concept of theory space. This allows us to extend the notion of theory confirmation to evidence, which is not necessarily made more or less likely by the theory itself. I will discuss the advantages of this more general perspective on scientific theory assessment, discuss some examples and what their normative implications are for the practicing scientist.” In terms of technical difficulty, this talk rates 2/5 2

Juliusz Doboszewski (Jagiellonian University, and Geneva): Is anti-de Sitter spacetime physically reasonable?

Abstract: “Solutions of classical general relativity are often divided into physically reasonable and physically unreasonable ones. For example, physically reasonable spacetimes are sometimes expected to satisfy some energy condition, be globally hyperbolic, inextendible, hole free, or stable against perturbations. I will discuss (a) how conditions used to draw such a divide apply to anti-de Sitter spacetime, and (b) how violation of some of them should be interpreted in the context of gauge/gravity duality.” In terms of technical difficulty, this talk rates 4/5 4


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