2013 Conference Program Archive – now with video

On this page you will find an archive of the content of the conference: abstracts, papers, slides, and live blogs of the talks. Video is available (for now, to those with iOS devices – sorry): https://itunesu.itunes.apple.com/enroll/FP4-AXP-VN4

Jonathan Bain — Three Principles of Quantum Gravity in the Condensed Matter Approach
Jeremy Butterfield — Rapporteur Session
Elise Crull — The Role of Decoherence in Quantum Loop Dynamics
Bianca Dittrich — Prospects in (Canonical) Quantum Gravity
Sam Fletcher — Reduction and Causal Set Theory’s Hauptvermutung
Jeff Harvey — String Theory for Philosophers (of Physics)
Nick Huggett — Philosophical Paths into String Theory
Nick Huggett and Christian Wüthrich — Why ‘Philosophical’ Foundations?
Eleanor Knox — The Dimensions of Duality
Maria Kon — Conceptual Analysis and Quantum Gravity
James Mattingly — Non-quantum Micro-gravity
Daniele Oriti — Disappearance and Emergence of Space and Time in Quantum Gravity
Tom Pashby — (No) Time for Quantum Gravity?
J. Brian Pitts — A First Class Constraint Generates Not a Gauge Transformation, But a (Bad) Physical Change: The Cases of Maxwell and GR.
David Schroeren — Decoherent Histories of Spin Networks
Mark Shumelda — Back to Basics: Background Independence and Spacetime in Quantum Gravity
Daniel Sudarsky — Interface of Quantum Theory and Gravity at the Origin of the Structure of the Universe
Nicholas Teh — Philosophical Perspectives on the Gauge-Gravity Duality
Francesca Vidotto — Atomism and Relationalism as Guiding Principles for Quantum Gravity.
Tiziana Vistarini — Some Remarks on the Emergent Character of Spacetime in String Theory
Christian Wüthrich — Canonical Quantum Gravity for Philosophers (of Physics)


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